Spare Parts Repair by Metal Spray (HVOF) or Welding

Metal/Thermal Spray

The basic processes of thermal spray – Cold Work
Processes (no deflection of the work piece) – consist of melting the material to be
Sprayed to the plastic stage & atomizing it to a fine
Stream of particles & then propelling the fine
Particles at a great velocity to the substrate or base
Material to form coating layer to protect the Component
Surfaces from corrosion & wear.

Where to use of Metal spray?

    • Gas Turbines & Compressors:
      Rotor Shafts. Piston Rods. Compressor Rods.
      Friction & wear rings.
    • Paper & Pulp Industry:
      Calendar Rolls. Gripper Pads & Rolls. Draw Roller.
      Slitter & Core Winders.
    • Sleeves
    • Pumps Industry:
      Pump Shafts & Sleeves. Inlet Casing Stage Casting.
      Mechanical Seals.
    • Power Plant Applications Compressor Rods, Pump sleeves